Electrical Insulating Varnish

Varnish for Refrigerant

V565-20 and V565-30 are refrigerant-resistant varnishes used in the insulation process of air conditioner and refrigerating machine motors. They are solventless type varnishes that can be applied to a new refrigerant such as R407C.

Product name

Varnish for refrigerant (V565-20 and V565-30)


  • Excellent refrigerant and solvent resistance
  • Low-odor and solventless type. This has no losses and conforms to the VOC regulation.
  • Excellent impregnation ability and workability with low viscosity and a long pot life
  • Excellent compatibility with self-lubrication wires, and high adhesive strength at high temperatures
  • UL1446 certified product (Wire MW35)

Application example

  • For impregnation of air conditioner and refrigerating machine motor coils
  • For impregnation of sealed motor coils, etc.

General characteristics

Table General characteristics of V565-20/V565-30 (representative values)

Item Condition Unit V565-20 V565-30
Viscosity 25℃/B type mPa・s 180 40
Specific gravity 25℃/areometer 1.12 1.11
Hardener V066-00 phr 1 1
Standard cure condition 160℃ h 2 2
Pot life 40℃ Day 30 30
Volume resistivity Normal state Ω・cm 1.3×1015 1.1×1015
After submergence 3.4×1014 2.8×1014
Breakdown voltage Normal state kV/mm 17.2 15.8
Helical coil fixing strength Self-lubrication wire 0.85 mmφ N 145 104
AI/EI 0.85 mmφ 152 110
Chloroform extraction Soxhlet extraction % 0.75 0.71
Methanol extraction Soxhlet extraction % 0.43 0.31
UL1446 MW35 TP 220 200
HC 220 180

Refrigerant extraction characteristics

Refrigerant extraction characteristics
Refrigerant extraction characteristics

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