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Environmental Policies

RYODEN KASEI CO.,LTD. believes that conservation of our irreplaceable global environment leads to the happiness of people throughout the world, including our employees, and strives towards continuous environmental conservation while developing our business through all business activities and through the conduct of our workforce, with all employees playing their parts.

  1. Electrical insulating products, semiconductor products, etc. developed and manufactured by our company are used for many kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, and play an important role in our lives and in industry. However, in the manufacturing and technological development of such products, we use large quantities of many types of material resources, such as chemicals and energy, including electric power, which has a great influence on the environment. Based on such awareness, our company will accurately evaluate the influence that our business activities, products, and services have on the environment, and promote continuous improvement in the prevention of pollution and in environmental conservation activities.
  2. In addition to observing the requirements of laws, ordinances, and environmental agreements, and any customer requirements that we have agreed to, we will also set a self-standard, as far as technically and economically viable, to improve our standard of environmental management.
  3. An organization will be established to actively promote approaches to environmental problems, to maintain and improve the environmental management system using self-management activities.
  4. Our focus will be on the following items as main themes with the following objectives: to actively introduce, through sourcing and manufacturing technology, environmentally-friendly products and energy-saving and resource-saving processes; and to promote reduction of energy consumption and environmental burdens such as waste materials.
    • (1)Striving to reduce the risk of significant impact on the environment, such as chemical substance leaks and fires
      (2)Striving to develop and provide environmentally friendly products, such as substitution of substances with low environmental impact and improvement of energy saving
      (3)Making effective use of energy, work to save energy, and aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
      (4)Using resources effectively, and strive to reduce waste and to recycle
  5. Recognizing our special location in the center of “Sanda, city of farms and agriculture” by making sure we always value the environment with its clear air, clear water, and lush greenery, we will maintain communications with the government office concerned, and with local residents and related companies, and will spread our accumulated environment-related technologies and information widely within the community.
  6. We use a variety of resources in our business activities and discharge chemicals and waste materials, placing a burden also on biodiversity. Recognizing that we carry out our activities in the social and natural environment, out company will actively harmonize our business with the environment and strive towards the maintenance and protection of biodiversity.
  7. Familiarize all the people working in/for the organization with our environmental policies by conducting environmental education, etc., to promote awareness of environmental problems.
  8. These environmental policies will be disclosed to the public, including local residents.
  9. June 2019
    President Jun Kobayashi

    ISO14001 certification obtained JQA-EM0662 Head Office/Factory
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