Company Information

Corporate Philosophy

RYODEN KASEI CO.,LTD. will respect nature and humanity and, with its outstanding creativity and vitality, will contribute to realizing a more affluent society.

Management Policies

  • Conduct all our corporate activities according to corporate ethics and laws.
  • Always give the highest priority to our customers.
  • Make efforts to develop independent technology to meet society’s needs.
  • Make efforts to maintain and improve quality to improve the reliability of our products.
  • Make continuous efforts for environmental conservation and improvements towards the realization of a recycling society.
  • Maintain safe operations.
  • Secure a fair profit to lay the foundations of company development.

Code of Conduct of Employees

  • Corporate ethics/law observance…Live up to the model of business executives with a sense of morality and a law-abiding spirit.
  • Challenge…Encourage awareness of problems to enable us to take on challenges to increase our vitality.
  • Imagination…Be increasingly sensitive and improve job satisfaction, using originality and ingenuity in our approach.
  • Sincerity…Provide our services with sincerity, to increase reliability.
  • Harmonious coexistence with society…Contribute to the development of the community and society, and thereby improve corporate culture.

Quality Policies

To realize our corporate philosophy and management policies, each person in every division and rank will conduct quality assurance activities based on the following policies, to provide products to satisfy customers, always giving the highest priority to quality.

  1. Grasp the needs of customers and markets accurately, set appropriate quality levels and costs, clarify responsibilities at the development and design stages, and create products that will satisfy customers.
  2. To secure quality assurance, all employees will clarify the responsibilities and authority of their positions and keep a high level of quality consciousness constantly in mind during production activities, to carry out their tasks reliably, from receipt of order to shipping.
  3. Strive for skills improvement with a planned professional development program suited to all ranks, and will operate and maintain our quality assurance system with constancy to achieve a continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Observe the requirements of all relevant laws and regulations, to develop sound business practices.
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