Electrical Insulating Varnish

To improve the characteristics and reliability of electrical and electronic equipment, high-quality insulating varnish is required.
As a manufacturer specialized in electrical insulating materials, we have excellent technological strength, and the reliability of our products have received high evaluations after many years of usage.
Based on our steady research and development, we can provide various grades according to your intended use.

  • Styrene-free varnish

    Styrene-free varnish

    Low-odor impregnation varnish. This is a solvent-free type and does not use a styrene monomer or an organic solvent.

  • Varnish for refrigerant

    Varnish for refrigerant

    Refrigerant-resistant (CFCs-resistant) varnish used for insulating the motors of air conditioners and refrigeration machines whose various characteristics perform excellently when immersed in refrigerant.

  • Varnish for vehicle motors (development article)

    Varnish for vehicle motors (development article)

    This varnish has excellent adhesive properties for coils and high ATF resistance. This is a low-VOC varnish that does not contain any organic solvent or styrene.

  • Moisture-Proof Coating Agent

    Moisture-proof coating agent

    This is a coating agent developed to improve the environmental durability of mount boards. It has low water-vapor permeability and excellent water resistance, as well as high adhesion with sections of mount boards.

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