Laminate Bus Bars (Large Current Circuit Boards)


Laminate Bus Bars (Large Current Circuit Boards)

A laminate bus bar is a board that restrains an abnormal voltage in a power circuit using power semiconductor elements such as IGBT and IPM at the time of high-speed switching, to improve characteristics when performing high-speed operations. We have achieved the following by laminating an insulation film sheet with a metal conductor.

  1. High-speed switching with reduction of inductance between conductors
  2. Rationalization of wiring and reduction of assembly time with reduction of the number of parts
  3. Reduction of the assembly space
  4. High reliability of electrical connection parts
  5. High partial discharge inception voltage level

In addition, a lightweight laminate bus bar with an aluminum conductor has been put to practical use to replace the general copper conductor.

Product name

Laminate bus bar (large current circuit board)


Example of dual-layer board The electrical connector can be removed from each layer in the terminal collar.

Example of dual-layer board

Electrical characteristics in standard design

  Copper conductor bus bar Aluminum conductor bus bar
Rated voltage DC 2800V or less DC900V or less
Current 1750A or less 400A or less
Withstand voltage AC8400V or less 60Hz in 1min AC4100V or less
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more (DC1000V mega)
Partial discharge inception voltage AC800V(30pC) or more
(With dual-layer board standard insulation structure)
AC780V(10pC) or more
(With dual-layer board standard insulation structure)
Conductor specifications Conductor JIS H3100 tough pitch copper
Standard thickness
t=1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 mm
JIS H4000 pure aluminum
Standard thickness 
t=1.0、3.0 mm
Silver alloy brazing terminal collar, etc. Crimping terminal collar, etc.
Sn plating standard,
Ni plating is also available
Ni plating standard
Insulator film PET film composite base material, Aramid paper
(The optimal insulation structure is obtained according to the required electrical characteristics)
Usage environment Operating temperature range: -40 - 85℃

The above are basic specifications. Please contact us for variations according to your product specifications, structure, etc.

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