Company Information


June 1970 Established company as a joint enterprise of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. with capital of 100,000,000 yen, with the insulation plant of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Itami Works (current Itami Works and Transmission & Distribution Systems Center)
April 1971 Increased the capital to 300,000,000 yen
June 1979 Entered the inorganic materials business
June 1980 10th anniversary
Established the corporate slogan “Ryoden Kasei, developing the technology of tomorrow”
March 1982 Established Tokyo Sales Office
February 1983 Established Osaka Sales Office
April 1985 Entered the IC card business
March 1987 Entered the analysis business
October 1987 Acquired Tajima Electron Co., Ltd. as an affiliated company
April 1988 Established Nagoya Sales Office
October 1989 Established Ryosei Co., Ltd.
November 1989 Entered the electronic high-purity resin business
December 1989 Established a new corporate slogan: “Proven technology with vision for the future”
June 1990 20th anniversary
March 1997 Started production of electromagnetic noise prevention materials (PDP shield plate)
February 1998 Entered the laminate bus bar business
October 1998 Changed the name of “Nagoya Sales Office” to Nagoya Branch”
January 1999 Obtained certification from the environmental measurement certification office
December 1999 Obtained certification for ISO14001
June 2000 30th anniversary
December 2002 Obtained certification for ISO9001 (varnish, resin, powdered paint)
January 2003 Obtained approval as a research organization listed by the Ministry of the Environment for soil contamination investigation (E2003-1-392)
October 2003 Started JIT activities
June 2008 Moved Tokyo Sales Office
Changed the name of “Nagoya Branch” to “Nagoya Sales Office”
June 2010 40th anniversary
December 2011 Added the certification range ISO9001
*Prepregs, laminate bus bars
October 2013 Established new Overseas Sales Department
March 2020 Moved Nagoya Sales Office
June 2020 50th anniversary
July 2020 Reorganized Sales Department
April 2022 Reorganized  Engineering Dept. and Materials Analysis Evaluation Center
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